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Associate Designer

Monolith Productions

April 2016 - Aug 2017

Tools: Proprietary Monolith Editors 


I was employed at Monolith Productions for over a year working on Middle-earth: Shadow of War. As a member of the sandbox team, my focus was on level design, working primarily to populate spaces with interesting AI setups and promoting cohesion between the sandbox and mission spaces. I also prototyped/implemented AI vignettes for use in the sandbox.

Núrn: Owned all the sandbox wilderness design; helped with some Outpost design; background AI for some missions.

Cirith Ungol: Owned/updated the majority of sandbox wilderness design.

Minas Morgul: Owned the majority of the sandbox wilderness design.

Seregost/Gorgoroth: Assisted with a few minor tasks, such as monster population.

Minas Ithil: Background AI for some missions.

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