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Project MOBA

Narrative Lead

April 2014 - Feb. 2015

Wardmore Studios

Tools: ZeroEngine


High Concept: Project MOBA is a 2v2 MOBA-lite revolving around warring gods' struggle to forge a new world.

Design Goals: 

  • Develop a MOBA in which the lore features prominently; find ways to engage players in the narrative without removing them from the core game loop.

  • Create an immersive fantasy world populated with unique races and characters.

As the Narrative Lead for the game, I worked to establish the game's world and characters while we were in pre-production. The game's narrative centers around a warring pantheon, with each god fighting to shape the world as they see fit. These gods hire champions to fight in their name, though their champions often have motivations of their own.

For a more detailed look at the work I have done on this project, please see the following document.



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