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Freelance Writer

Snail Games

Feb. 2017 - Mar. 2017

I was contracted by Snail Games to do some worldbuilding and quest planning/writing for Dappervolk, an "upcoming virtual pet and avatar site with a painterly style and RPG elements". The project was successfully funded via Kickstarter. I focused primarily on developing the quests and characters in the 3's Forest town, though I also contributed to a number of quests in Louise Hill, the starter area.

  • Contributed ideas for the world lore of the game

  • Pitched, wrote, and implemented the logic for character-centric quests that were faithful to the NPC bios I received

  • Built upon NPC biographies to further develop the characters, and pitched backstories for upcoming characters

  • Development of the 3's Forest storyline, a branching storyline where players choose a character to focus on and complete tasks for

  • Some minor review/editing for writers who were brought on to the project later in development

The full list of the quests I contributed to:

  • Louise Hill | The starter area, a quaint farm town.

    • Lillia and Fantasia | Introductory quest for these characters, which doubles as an outfit layering tutorial

    • Fantasia | Affection milestone quest

    • Calbet | Repeatable daily quests, and bespoke side quest and affection milestone quest

  • 3's Forest | The second area, an enchanted forest caught in the crossfire of three witches' ambitions.

    • Irin and Magdalene | Introductory quest for these characters, wherein the player learns about their opposing viewpoints. The intention was to make both of their motivations understandable, so there was no clear 'right' or 'wrong'

    • Irin | Repeatable daily quests, and bespoke side quest and affection milestone quest

    • Barclay, Glume, and Mycel 

      • Introductory dialogue for the characters

      • Branching, five-part quest in which the player advances one of the witches' goals

      • Side quest involving all three witches

    • Barclay | Repeatable daily quests, side quest, and affection milestone quest.

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