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Horizon: Forbidden West

Senior Quest Designer

Oct 2017- Aug 2023


Tools: Decima Engine 

LanguageVisual Scripting

I worked on the Horizon franchise, with duties such as research; pitching and brainstorming; level and encounter design; implementation of complex branching conversations; visual scripting; reviewing colleagues' check-ins; interviewing potential hires; and much more.


Horizon Forbidden West

Worked as a quest designer from preproduction through ship.

  • Content design and implementation for The Base (market research, presentation and brainstorming, layout iteration, content coordination)

  • Pitching and workshopping quest concepts in collaboration with writers and other quest designers

  • Design and implementation of one main quest and several side quests (level design, encounter/quest scripting, branching dialogue implementation)

  • Interlude: The Eye of the Earth

  • Errand: The Oldgrowth

  • Side Quests: The Twilight Path, Thirst for the Hunt, Need to Know

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores (DLC)

  • Support tasks for the Quest team

See below for an appearance on the Guerrilla stream, playing HFW and discussing some of my contributions to it!

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